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Gay tied up stories

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Gay tied up stories

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This type of sock is great for gathering all the sweat one's feet can create inside those hightop Reeboks Tom likes to wear. Tom and I have played with ropes since we were We would tie each other up just to see who could get loose tieed fastest or who could take the tickling tortures the longest before loosing our mind. Tom always seemed to win on getting loose the storifs, he had long fingers so he could work the knots and sure enough he would get loose. Tom was good at roping me so I could never get loose nor could I say anything because he would gag me with his nasty stinking socks.

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Alex didn't speak any more but I gasped, as well as I could manage to gasp, when he touched my erect cock through the red lycra of my speedos. Jacob's was the same too. I stood by the bed looking into Tom's eyes, playing with the ice cubes I had gotten from the freezer. We both put our cocks in each other ga, I'm not entirely sure why but we would sit on a chair, tie our hands behind our backs, turn off the lights He was kinda looked hot though.

I looked into tifd eyes and Tom was bucking, moaning for release, and I don't think he wanted me to release his body bond either.

After that, one brought out a video camera. It was Alex's breathing that was the first indication that he was cumming, the second was his hot cum on my stomach.

Tied up and oozing with cum

Then they made me jerk him off. I got up off the bed, watching Tom in his frenzy, laying there groaning, moaning and bucking again, wanting to explode but unable to.

Imagine now if one of our straight friends walked in the door? Grabbing another cube I started in on Tom's feet, rubbing the cube between his toes and running it down the arch drove Tom to a quivering frenzy. His asshole was really small.

Tied up and oozing with cum - cum gay bdsm bondage cumshot blindfold gag rope speedos

And the third pair was also extra long and strong. I asked Tom if he ever felt so helpless. I still can't get over that hot six pack. He shook his head no. After teasing him like this for some time, I left one of the cubes melting on his belly button and moved to the foot of the bed. Tom showed up around looking pretty hot. First off, I live in a crappy, tiny little old house which sucks, but it is right on the ocean about an hour and a half north of Sydney.

My arms were hung up and my legs spread out.

Gay young straight boys tied up stories and straight guy gets a hand -

Alex's left hand was on my right shoulder and he was jerking off. I told him to relax, and went to the freezer to get my next project for Tom. Stpries was warm that day, around 92 degrees. One had what looked like a pistol. I never told him I didn't want him to do it because I loved it when he gagged me with them.

Fetish stories : tied down - a gay sex

My folks were leaving for the weekend so I called Tom and asked him to come over and watch TV and drink some beer that night. I couldn't get out even if I really wanted to.

Then I mad him bend both knees, grabbed his right ankle and wrapped the end of the pu on his right hand around his ankle and tied two knots and went around the bed and did the same to the left hand and ankle. He had a six pack. I had gau calm myself down a little bit because I could only breath through my nose and it was intense!

Tom said sure, that he would stop in after playing some golf, around 8 PM.

I thought I was becoming gayer by the minute. I replied saying I had something in mind but he better be quick. I think this comes from some of my very first sexual experiences where a friend and I would get horny, watch porn together and fool around summer in Australia and of course we would end up wearing only our speedos. He sat down on me but even without all of his weight the chair groaned. That is how this whole thing came about.

I leaned over and started sucking him, taking him in down to his pubes then up to the tip again. I was jerked off.

Gay bondage stories

We never ended up making each other cum, we would duck off to the bathroom when it became too much. As Alex regained his breath now he stood up.

His second hand was rubbing my balls, which from experience, Alex knows I like. When Alex began exploring his homosexual tendencies we both discussed our fantasies and it was part of one of those discussions.

Tied up gay bondage stories -

That has been me and Jacob's little secret for a while. This is something I started writing about on my blog two years ago and thought I should finish it up with all the details. Walking back to Tom, I asked him if he wanted to blow his wad. Alex was about to announce his arrival and was stopped halfway through the ul Dave how you gwy mate? I said, "Our parents will find us". They said I had to suck Jacob's cock.

Immediately it started oozing down towards the waist of my speedos and I could feel it dripping down. Setting back down on the foot of the bed I wrapped the sock around his cock and balls and tied it tight, then tied it again only around his cock in a loose square knot. I told Tom no problem, let's go to my bedroom and see. I woke up next to Jacob naked and tied down.

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Looking at the clock I saw that it was only and decided I needed a beer. Then I asked Tom if he liked ice in his water. I dropped my shorts and low and behold, I was wearing a red speedo I'm Dave Speedo Evans, of course I was wearing a speedo. I told Tom sorry, but you lost and it was my turn to have some torturing fun with him.